The Big ML Club e-liquid is a range of liquids of 100ml
within the fruity or dessert flavor profiles.
All liquids come in the proportion of 65% VG / 35% PG or 70% VG / 30% PG and all come in a 100 ml bottle.
The bottles have room for you to add nicotine if needed as well.

GRAPE LEMONADE – Like grapes? Like lemonade? We’ve combined two big flavours to create the perfect cocktail delivering a burst of excitement.

APPLE CHERRY – Individually distinct, together a masterpiece! Black cherries drizzled in a tangy apple syrup which will bring your taste buds back to life.

PINK MUFFIN – A moment on the lips, will not add to the hips with this New York muffin filled with raspberries for a guilt free pleasure.

TROPICAL JUICE – Feed the fruit lover in you with this blended infusion of exotic fruits with a hint of mint to give you that zing factor.

RASPEBERRY MOJITO –  Everyone loves a good mojito so we’ve packed ours with a huge splash of raspberries tangled with a dash of mint making your hearts yearn for more.

TRIFLE DELIGHT – There are very few out there who can resist a smooth strawberry trifle dolloped with cream which will finish any night in luxury.