Ethos Candy Treats Peach Rings 120ml: Peach Rings, from Ethos Vapors Candy Treats, is the tasty taste of peach jam, sprinkled with sugar crystals. If you like sweet and juicy peaches, you’ll enjoy every piece of Peach Rings. Every steam experience will allow you to inhale sweet fruits and exhale sugary peaches. Enjoy as a treat in the morning or as a delight after the noon meal.

Ethos Candy Treats Jawbreaker 120ml: Jawbreaker by Ethos Vapors Candy Treats, never made an easy-to-enjoy jawbreaker! Instead of cracking your teeth, you will open the flavors of raspberry, mixed berries and delicious sweets. When inhaling, enjoy the taste of the rich berries and exhale, enjoy the fruity chewy sweet.

ETHOS CANDY TREATS FRUIT BITES 120ML: Sweet, delicious and tasty is the only way to enjoy your favorite sweets. Ethos Vapors Candy Treats does just that in e-Liquid form! They pack their delicious candies into e-Liquids with precision and quality. The ingredients are carefully combined so that the flavors reproduce the popular sweets we grow to love.